Geng Jinlong

Standard Page - 2008-06-30
"I believe that we will make more money through organic rice farming in a few years"

Geng Jinlong

Nanmazhuang, a typical Chinese village in Lankao County in the northeast of Henan province, lies in the irrigation area of the Yellow River and rice is its main crop. Geng Jinlong, a typical farmer in the region, was born and raised here. Like the rest of the farmers here, he would use a great deal of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow crops. But under the leadership of the local farmers cooperation and the guidance of some experts and academics concerned, he began to experiment with organic rice farming in his own field in 2006.

"Today's city people begin to care whether a lot of chemical fertilizer or pesticide has been used to grow rice. If none are used, the rice can get better prices", said Geng Jinlong. "I find that ever since I stopped using chemical fertilizers and pesticide, the soil becomes more soft and fertile" When we ask him whether the decreased production in the early stage of this experiment has affected his family income, he says that "the production is indeed less than before, but we can get a better price, so the total income is more or less the same. And I believe that the rice production will improve for sure. In a few years' time my family income will increase as well."

Now, apart from the ten-odd mu of land used for organic rice farming, he has also co-contracted more than 160 mu of the village's farmland for organic farming.

On these farms, we can see chickens and ducks pecking the ground, while dogs playfully chase each other around.