Retail stores for organic products

Standard Page - 2008-06-30

(1) Beijing Lohaocity Supermarket Co.,Ltd.


a) 52#, Jingshun Road,Sunhe,Chaoyang District, Beijing,100015

Tel: 010-84594647

b)  B4 Buidling, 29# Lucky Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing,

Tel: 010-58670265

c) Room 10A,No.5 Building,76# Nan Er Road ,Baiziwan ,Chaoyang District, Beijing


d) Room 101, Block 17, Phase 2B, #6 Chaowai Street,  Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010-65336465

e) #608,Tianzhu Rongxiang Plaza, Shunyi District, Beijing

Customer Service Hotline:010--84590134--831/820

Product Categories: certified vegetable and fruits, meat, grain, condiments, drinks, wine, nutrition supplements, plants, organic cleansers for furniture

Origin of Products: imported, domestic, local organic farms

Percentage of Organic Products:60%

Opening Hour:9:00am-22:00pm

Tel:010-84594332(offering home-delivery service)


(2) Green dot dot


a) Ginza Mall: B1-12 Ginza Mall, 48# Dongzhimenwai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

b) Wangfujing: B1 department store,Wangfujing Street,Dongcheng District, Beijing

Product Categories: certified grains, condiments, drinks, processed Chinese traditional medicine, organic snacks

Percentage of Organic Products:80%

Opening Hours:8:30am- 22:00pm

Tel:010-84549245/84549289(offering home-delivery services, free inside the fourth ring road if the bill is more than RMB 200)

Online Shopping:

Organic products of Green Dotdot is available in LOHAOCITY, Huarun OLE Supermarket, Hualian BHG, Pacific Century Plaza Supermarket, Jenny Lou's and April Gourmet.

(3) DeRunWu

Add:813# DanShui Town, No. 3# A ShunHuang Road

Product Categories: certified vegetables and fruits, plants, condiments, drinks, nutrition supplements and pollutant-free cleaners.

Percentage of Organic Products:75%-80%

Opening Hours:10:30am - 18:30pm


Online Shopping (E-mail):

(4) Beijing Well Full Food Co.,Ltd.

Add:outside market complexes, 4# Xinchunxiu Road, No.20 building, Xingfu Ercun, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Product Categories: grains, meat, condiments, drinks, fungi, and more.

Percentage of Organic Products:98%

Opening Hours:9:00am-18:00pm



Most of Well Full Food products are from the organic farms in Henan, and some are imported organic products. Ordering can be made through their website or by phone.

(5) Jenny Lou's


a) West Gate of SOHO, Tel:010-85898299

b) West gate of Chaoyang Park,Tel:010-65016249

c) #6 Sanlitun North Street,Chaoyang District Tel:010-64616928

d)#0413, 1st floor,, No.4 Building,Jianwai SOHO,#39 third ring middle Road,Chaoyang District Tel:010-58692326

e) Lido Holiday Inn,Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District

d) Lai Guang Ying East Road (west of Lane Bridge Villa),Chaoyang District


e) #4 Ritan North Road,Tel:010-85630626

f) East Lake Villa, Dong Zhi Men Wai Street

Product Categories: certified domestic or imported organic food

(6) April Gourmet


a)1st Floor,,Just Make Building,Xing Fu Middle Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing


b) #1,Xingfusancun North Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing


c) 1st Floor, , Gong Yuan Da Dao Club, South Gate of Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing


d) Outside South Gate of Capital Paradise, Shunyi District,Beijing


Product Categories: certified grains, eggs, drinks and condiments

Opening Hours:

a)8:00am-24:00pm; b)8:00am-21:00pm;

c)8:00am-22:00pm; d)8:00am-21:00pm

You can order food by telephone, and April Gourmet offers home-delivery services.

(7) Beijing Low-carbs Organic Supermarket

Add:Basement, Xingfu Jiayuan, Guangqumen nei Street, Chongwen District, Beijing

Customer Service Hotline:010-51662434

Opening Hours:10:00am- 19:00pm

Product Categories: certified fruits and vegetables, grains, meat, condiments, plants, drinks, wine and nutrition supplements

Origin of Products: import, domestic, local organic farm

Percentage of Organic Products:80%

Tel:010-51662434-12(offering home-delivery service)

(8) Wangkanggang Green Food Mall

Add:Yong'anli Subway B1, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Opening Hours:9:00am-21:00pm

(9) Healthy Supermarket


a) Jinyuan Mall,Laoyingfang Road, Haidian District,.

b) Huizhongbei Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing    Tel:010-64944669

c)Room 15, Nanhu South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing   Tel:010-84771644

Opening Hours:7:00am-21:00pm

Product Categories: organic rice, organic grains,  meat, eggs, drinks and more.

Origin of Organic Products: organic farm in Heilongjiang Province


Online Shopping:

(10) Beijing NEB Organic Store

Add:Room 106,1# Building,Zongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing


Product Categories: fruits and vegetables, grains, eggs, condiments and wine

Percentage of Organic Products:90%

(11) Crab Island Organic Special Store

Add:Yizhuang Economy Development District, Beijing

Product Categories: fruit ,vegetable, meat, milk products, egg and grain

Origin of Organic Products: local organic farm


(12) BHG Market Plaza

Add: B1 Shin Kong Place,87# Jianguo Road , Chaoyang District

(13) Ecohome


a) #87, Jianguo Road, B1 building, Sinkong Shopping Centre

b) B126,Shimaotianjie,Dongdaqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Product Categories: organic cotton products, bamboo fibre products, cosmetics