Urban-Rural Mutual Aid Organizations

Standard Page - 2008-06-30

(1)Guoren Urban and Rural Mutual Cooperative

Add:#502,Unit 4,Building 11, Longjinyuan, Huilongguan, Changping District, Beijing

Product Categories: Grain, Honey,Oil

Origin of Products: Almost 10 bases in different areas including Nanma Village, Lankao County, Henan Provinces; Wanzi Village,Miyun West,Beijing; Dongzilong Village, Matun Town,Zaoqiang City, Hebei Province, etc.

Tel:010-81745411(offering home-delivery service)

Online Shopping:www.green-coop.cn


Guoren Urban-Rural Mutual Aid Organisation is an initiative of the Countryside Construction Center of Renmin University of China. Its forerunner was the pollution free rice purchasing and land contracting team in Nanmazhuang formed after the "professor selling rice" event. Now its shareholders are mainly social activists and scholars. They promote joint purchasing of healthy farm produce and increase farmers' income by establishing a direct link between urban consumers and rural farmers.

Urban consumers wishing to support the cooperative and small farm organic production, can become a member by paying a minimum RMB 100 registration fee. Members can enjoy capital return at the end of the year as per the transaction volume. Members can also buy shares in the cooperative and enjoy profit-sharing at the year's end.

For more information please visit our website or call us.

(2)Guoren Green Alliance

Add: #901, College of Development of Agriculture and Country, Renmin University

Product Categories: Fruits, Grain, Tea and Dried Fungus

Origin of Products: Farmers' cooperatives in Shanxi, Jilin, Shandong, Henan and Hubei province.

Tel: 010-52755047/82509106 (offering home-delivery service)


Website:www.lslm.org / www.3nong.org


Green Alliance is an association of farmers' cooperatives established during the Constructions of New Countryside led by Wen Tiejun, professor of Renmin University. These members of the farmers' cooperatives are committed to ecological agricultural production. Green Alliance is also a communication platform for urban consumers and farmers.