PMPS Go Green Go Greenpeace Concert

Feature Story - 2007-07-09
2007 is the 10th anniversary of Greenpeace East Asia. To celebrate the organisation's achievements over the past decade and to promote our ongoing campaigns for a sustainable future, they have organised a series of “GoGreen” themed events. The finale will be the “People Mountain People Sea GoGreen Go Greenpeace” Concert at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in August.

PMPS Go Green Go Greenpeace

PMPS Go Green Go Greenpeace Concert

Date  : 21st August 2007 (Tuesday)

Time  : 8:15pm

Venue  : Queen Elizabeth Stadium

Artists  : Anthony Wong, at 17 and members of People Mountain People Sea

Ticket Prices : $400, $300, $200

Organizer : Greenpeace East Asia

Production : People Mountain People Sea

The concert will be a musical journey through a decade of environmental and social change in Hong Kong and will tell the story of the growth of People Mountain People Sea, Greenpeace and Hong Kong itself. The concert's theme will be global climate change. We will also be showing exclusive clips of Anthony Wong's renewable energy trip to Germany. at17 and other artists will also participate in "GoGreen" as they lead us down the road of environmental protection.

*All income from ticket sales (after deducting costs) will be donated to Greenpeace China to help fund environmental campaigns in Hong Kong and Mainland China.