Greenpeace Launches East Asia Office

Press release - 2010-11-12
Greenpeace announced today the launch of Greenpeace East Asia for more effective and efficient environmental protection campaigns in this region with strengthened cross- boundary coordination. The new office license circumscribes Greenpeace’s presence in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

12 November 2010 - Greenpeace announced the launch of Greenpeace East Asia. Greenpeace East Asia Executive Director Mario Damato (right) at the press conference announcing the launch.

Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said that as a global environmental organization, Greenpeace offices worldwide need to operate in a more integrated way for more effective and efficient campaigning.  Greenpeace East Asia will join other existing regional offices, including Africa, Southeast Asia and Central and Eastern Europe, established to fit this global initiative.

Greenpeace East Asia Executive Director Mario Damato added, "Asia is the fastest growing region in the world but the threats such as climate change, forest destruction, and vanishing ocean resources are endangering the region, its sustainable development, and its people. It is, unfortunately, also a dumping ground for environmental risks. Greenpeace will work with the public in East Asia, as we do globally, to U-turn our current development path, which is harming the world in an irreversible way.

Damato believes that the move to Greenpeace East Asia will strengthen cross-boundary environmental campaigns and the sharing of regional campaign expertise and resources. "The climate and the oceans do not have boundaries. Pollution travels through rivers and even through food and other products that are traded globally. All these problems require stronger regional coordination, "he said.

Climate change is the big organizational issue that Greenpeace will tackle in this region. It will also continue to campaign on toxic pollution, food and forest protection. The office will also take up the Oceans campaign, which has so far not been adequately addressed in this region. With some of the biggest fishing fleets in the world, East Asia is critical to affecting meaningful changes in ocean protection.

"Our environment needs concerted efforts in different areas towards making positive change. We are already seeing calls from the public for sustainable development in the area. We believe that not long after this region can and will showcase a new development model: to grow with, not against, the planet," Damato said.

Greenpeace is an international organization which is present in 40 countries and regions.  To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants.

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