"Arrest Climate Fugitive Donald, not us", says Greenpeace Activists

Press release - 2009-06-24
Four Greenpeace activists hold a banner with Chief Executive Donald Tsang's portrait saying, "Arrest Donald, not us" outside the Police's Central Division office today, accusing Mr. Tsang a "Public Nuisance" by ignoring climate change.

Greenpeace accuses the Chief Executive of dereliction of duty and failing to launch any policy to combat climate change yesterday. A 7-storey-tall banner was hung outside the Central Government Offices calling the Chief Executive a climate fugitive.

Four Greenpeace activists were arrested for "causing a nuisance in a public place." They were released on bail last night and have to report to the Central Division Police Station today.

Greenpeace Campaigner Prentice Koo criticizes the government for putting efforts in the wrong place. He says, "Climate change costs Hong Kong and China massive economic loss, till now Donald has not promised to table any comprehensive policy to combat climate change even after the action yesterday. Mr. Tsang is definitely the "Public Nuisance" by ignoring climate change, not Greenpeace."

Legislator and Chairman of the Panel on Environmental Affairs Audrey Eu, and colleague Li Wing Tat supported the activists on the spot. They both think that it is time for the government to confront climate change and promise to attend the Copenhagen Conference, instead of arresting activists who took part in a non-violent protest on global warming.

The Copenhagen Conference is only 6 months away. Greenpeace demands the Chief Executive to pledge delivering a climate change policy as soon as possible, so as to lead a delegation to the Copenhagen Conference.