Greenpeace urges Chief Executive Tsang to attend the UN Global Climate Conference with Giant Projection on Government House

Press release - 2009-03-24
Greenpeace urged Chief Executive Donald Tsang to attend a key United Nations conference on climate change by projecting the words “Chief Executive: See you in Copenhagen” on the wall of Government House today.

It is crucial that UN members hammer out a strong global climate change action plan at the summit in Copenhagen this December.

Greenpeace regrets that until now the HKSAR government has shown so little interest in UN climate meetings that only junior officials have been sent to attend. A few weeks ago Greenpeace sent a letter to the Chief Executive urging him to attend the Copenhagen summit, but until now we have received no reply.

"The Copenhagen Conference will dictate the agenda of global ecological, economic and social development," says Greenpeace campaigner Prentice Koo. "There are only 258 days left to the conference and heads of state are gearing up. It is urgent that the government  make an announcement that the Chief Executive will lead a delegation to the conference and start preparing as soon as possible."

The HKSAR government has not yet launched any comprehensive policy to combat climate change. It has delayed any decisions with excuses such as "under study by consultants".

Greenpeace is urging the Chief Executive to draw up a policy timeline before the Copenhagen conference as befits Hong Kong's status and responsibility as a developed world city.

Greenpeace's office in Beijing also projected a climate countdown message on an ancient gate in the capital to urge the Chinese government to take strong action on climate change at Copenhagen.

Climate Heroes, Made in Hong Kong

Scientists conclude that if greenhouse gas emissions are not drastically reduced by the year 2015 then mean global temperatures will rise by more than 2 degree Celsius from pre-industrial times. If that happens then the world cannot escape climate crisis and nations will suffer widespread crop failures, extreme and devastating weather and outbreaks of infectious diseases. Hong Kong cannot escape.

Governments and people around the world have pushed forward numerous advocacy initiatives to set the tone for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

To encourage the general public to join our climate advocacy work, Greenpeace also launches its "Climate Hero, Made in Hong Kong" campaign today. Join us now at