Greenpeace condemns Hong Kong’s nuclear expansion the wrong track

Press release - 2010-09-10
Greenpeace condemns Government’s newly launched climate change strategy as “the most irresponsible and dangerous path” to tackle climate change, which put our next generation at great risk by substantially increasing nuclear energy to 50% of the fuel mix to reduce carbon emissions. Greenpeace urges the government to drop all plans to further enlarge any nuclear capacity.

The simulative ‘radioactive waste’, in the form of two metal drums, is to remind the Government that nuclear power is dangerous and definitely not the answer to green energy.

Greenpeace campaigner Prentice Koo says this is the wrong track to take, "It is a grave mistake by seeking to expand nuclear. Nuclear is dangerous and is contrary to the benefit of our next generation and the environment. Currently there is no safe treatment for radioactive waste available. The government's proposal is shifting the potential crisis from climate change to nuclear, which threatens our next generation just the same."

Koo also criticizes the government's proposed emissions reduction target as 'futile' to save the climate.

Greenpeace demands the Environment Bureau to address whether:

1. A comprehensive research and feasibility study on the regional development of renewable energy verses nuclear has been conducted;

2. A comprehensive regional risk assessment on increasing nuclear power has been conducted before putting out the nuclear expansion proposal.

Greenpeace demands that renewable energy, such as wind and solar, should be the sustainable path that the Government to focus on. A study from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in 2002 states that wind power and solar power energy source in Hong Kong could make a meaningful contribution, which accounts for 21% of Hong Kong's Total annual electricity consumption. Yet, the current revamp of fuel mix proposed by the Government today only includes 3-4% renewable energy, which is disappointing.

Other contacts:

Prentice Koo, Campaigner
Tel:2854 8303

Josephine Ng, Communications Officer
Tel:2854 8332