Over 460 citizens joined Greenpeace rally to demand the government drop nuclear expansion plan

Press release - 2011-04-25
Around 460 citizens joined a Greenpeace rally today to demand that the Hong Kong SAR government immediately stop their plan to expand nuclear by 2020.

"Hong Kong joins hands against nuclear expansion," reads the yellow ribbon for Greenpeace's rally on April 24

Supporters with yellow ribbons around their wrists, led by a 1.8m-tall wood block of the words "anti-nuclear" in Chinese, marched from Charter Garden in Central to the Central Government Offices. The participants demand that the Environmental Bureau openly put a stop to the nuclear expansion plan at a Legislative Council meeting on April 29th, as well as set up an independent monitoring panel to keep an eye on the safety and management of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant.

The rally was supported by various local groups and political parties. Greenpeace campaigner Prentice Koo urges the SAR government to face reality and respect public opinion. He says, "The government must stop their plan to increase nuclear in Hong Kong's energy mix. The Fukushima nuclear crisis has made the public realize the true risks of nuclear energy. The government should immediately address the public's concerns and stop avoiding the 'inconvenience truth' of nuclear risks. Investment in renewable energy is the only true, clean and safe solution for our future and the government."

Greenpeace has collected over 70,000 signatures on the street and online after the government announced its nuclear expansion plan last year. Yet the Environmental Bureau has made no move to halt the plan, neither after the Fukushima nuclear crisis, nor when Chinese premier Wen Jiabao announced a readjustment and amendment of China's mid- and long-term development plan for nuclear power. Koo also condemns the government for the lack of decisions to improve the monitoring of the Daya Bay plant, after meeting officials from the National Nuclear Safety Administration last week in Beijing.He says, "The government should stop paying lip service and actually walk the talk to ensure the well-being and safety of Hong Kong citizens." Greenpeace recommends that Hong Kong establishes an independent council that has the rights to monitor the safety and management of the Daya Bay nuclear plant.

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Prentice Koo, Greenpeace Campaigner
+852 2854 8303, wkoo [at] greenpeace.org

Josephine Ng, Greenpeace Communications Officer
+852 2854 8332, jng [at] greenpeace.org