Greenpeace activists turned back at Daya Bay Nuclear Emergency Drill

Press release - 2012-04-26
April 26, 2012, Hong Kong - Today is the 26th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It's also a day in which the Hong Kong SAR Government is holding a two-day inter-departmental nuclear plant drill at Tung Ping Chau. 17 Greenpeace activists, symbolizing the citizens of Hong Kong from 17 districts that were left out of the drill, arrived on the island to protest the government.

26 April 2012 Greenpeace campaigners protest a nuclear plant drill.

Gatecrashing a two-day inter-departmental nuclear plant drill at Tung Ping Chau, the campaigners rallied against the government's inaction when it comes to truly protecting the city from nuclear disaster.


However the activists were turned back when demanding to participate in the drill. They then unfurled a banner saying ‘Save our home from nuclear risks’ amid the government’s safety drill. Greenpeace Senior Campaigner Prentice Koo points out that the security bureau by excluding the rest of Hong Kong from the event proves again that she cannot protect the whole of Hong Kong during a nuclear crisis.

Koo said, ‘If nuclear crisis in the scale of Chernobyl were to ever happen in Daya Bay, Hong Kong citizens have no place to hide. Yet the government keeps saying only Tung Ping Chau will be affected and had the audacity to vouch for the safety of radiation on recent TV commercials. They have taken the easy way out: evading nuclear crisis management and replacing it with nuclear propaganda.’ The drill was also carried out under the lowest level of possible crisis situations, Scenario 3, according to global standards. This is not enough to protect Hong Kong citizens from a serious disaster, Koo added.

After the Fukushima nuclear crisis, the Government reviewed the ‘Daya Bay Contingency Plan’ but failed to improve it. Greenpeace demands the new Chief Executive of HKSAR drop all nuclear expansion plans and phase out future plans for the Daya Bay nuclear plant.

Besides dropping the nuclear expansion plan, Greenpeace also demands the new Chief Executive of HKSAR phase out their Daya Bay nuclear plan by enhancing power interconnection between Hong Kong Electric and the China Light and Power, as well as further develop policies that achieve energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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Media Contacts:

Prentice Koo, Greenpeace Senior Campaigner


Josephine Ng, Greenpeace Senior Communications Officer