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What will it take for Beijing to call a Red Alert on pollution?

Blog entry by Zhang Kai | 2015-12-01

Beijing is currently suffering through a 4th continuous day of ‘Airpocalypse’. The city is blanketed in a thick, choking smog that has covered an area of North China the size of Spain and Beijing’s most famous landmarks have been...

China’s chance to influence the fight against illegal timber trade

Blog entry by Wenjin Pan | 2015-11-25

“With great power comes great responsibility” is a saying that has some links to Voltaire but whose origins are more associated with the Spiderman comics. It has continuing relevance today when it comes to protecting the world’s...

Friday Five: China's 'duty to humanity' and under-reported coal consumption

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2015-11-06

Friday round-up highlighting the news and commentary of the week:   China underreporting coal consumption by up to 17%, data suggests [Guardian] China has underreported the amount of coal it consumes by 600 million tons...

Friday Five: Smog and Five Year Plan predictions

Blog entry by amcgurk | 2015-10-30

Friday round-up highlighting the news and commentary of the week:   China’s cadres ready “greener” Five Year Plan [China Dialogue] Primary discussions determining China’s 13 th Five Year Plan concluded this week, leaving us...

Friday Five: Apple Goes Green, Disappearing Wetlands and Pandas

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2015-10-23

Friday round-up highlighting the news and commentary of the week:   Apple to build more solar projects in China    [Reuters] Apple is getting serious on greening its supply chain as it announced the construction of 200 MW of...

Illegal Logging is threatening China’s Giant Pandas

Blog entry by Wu Hao | 2015-10-22

This is the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries. Home to 30% of China’s endangered and iconic giant pandas, it’s the largest giant panda habitat in the world. The area was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 for its vital...

Friday Five: Ivory Queen Captured, China's 'Sponge Cities' and latest from Tianjin

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2015-10-16

Chinese “Ivory Queen” captured in Tanzania [Washington Post] A 66 year old Chinese auntie is an unlikely suspect for a black market smuggling kingpin, but reports emerged last week claiming exactly that. Yang Feng Glan (dubbed the...

The New Organic Farmers: the individuals who connect people and the environment

Blog entry by Zeno Wang | 2015-10-16

Our broken food system We live in an era of broken food production. Most of us have no idea where our food comes from, who plants the crops or what chemicals are involved in the process. The modern world’s food production system is...

367 shades of grey: why China needs a coal cap

Blog entry by Dong Liansai | 2015-10-15

Greenpeace East Asia’s air pollution rankings of 367 cities was released today and averages of PM2.5 have dropped by an average of 12.1% across the country. But while pollution levels are still 4 times the WHO recommended safety levels...

Friday Top Five: the environmental stories lighting up China this week

Blog entry by Tom Baxter | 2015-09-25

Chinese President Xi Jinping in Bali 2013, photo from APEC 2013 China to have world’s largest carbon trading system China will launch the world’s largest carbon trading system in 2017, President Xi Jinping announced in his...

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