End genetically modified soybean in China

Soy is an important part of Chinese people's diet. Which is why it's so important we end the pollution of China's soy products with genetically modified raw materials.


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Stop infecting China's soybean now!

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Contaminated soybean

China's much loved soybean infected with genetic modification

In China our diet is filled with all kinds of beans or beans used as raw material in food. Soybean oil, soybean meal, and a variety of tofu and soy products are all soy-based. Soybean cultivation in China has a history of 5,000 years, and China's annual consumption of soybeans is more than 60 million tons. However, China's production capacity is only 12 million, with the rest imported.

In 2011, for example, China imported 52.64 million tons of soybean, and 80% of that soy was genetically engineered. Imported, genetically modified soybeans threaten our country's food security. Genetically modified soybeans affect China's own natural soybean. And at present, China does not allow the cultivation of genetically modified soybeans.

In 2012, we conducted testing on soy products from two companies (results here in Chinese). We sincerely hope that you can participate in our action, and we jointly urge the two companies, Health Food Company Jiangsu Systems and Southern Guangxi Black Sesame Food Company, to stop using genetically modified raw materials as soon as possible. 


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