Magazine / October 2013

Learn more about air pollution in China

PM2.5 Infographic

The "coal" hard truth about air pollution! PM2.5 is a measurement of small particulate matter in the air, and until recently its omission from official air quality readings has been a major hurdle in solving China's air pollution crisis. Here's everything you need to know about it.

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Slideshow: Beijing Smog

There are millions of people in living in Beijing who for many days of the year must step out their door and suffer the heavy blanket of smog enveloping the city. In 2013 records were broken when PM2.5 readings surged to 886 µg/m3, far beyond the level deemed acceptable by the World Health Organization, which is a 25 µg/m3 mean over a 24 hour period.

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Report: Dangerous Breathing

We study the health risks and economic loss linked to PM2.5 in four major Chinese cities, and assesses the potential public health and economic benefits given effective improvement of PM2.5 pollution control under different scenarios.

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What We're Doing

China's economy has skyrocketed, but at a price. Power plants, factories and heavy industries are all belching out black, dirty air, at the cost of our health and our environment. Greenpeace is one of the leading NGOs working on campaigns to reduce sources of air pollution in China.

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What You Can Do

Air pollution affects millions of people, not just in China and Hong Kong but in big cities all over the world. It’s important to educate yourself about the causes and impacts of air pollution, as well as the air quality in your neighborhood.

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