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A Chinese worker in a toxic industry

Image | 2014-01-06 at 3:30

A Chinese worker sews part of a jacket at a clothing factory located in Shishi city of Fujian Province. Greenpeace launched a study to investigate the hazardous and toxic residues in children's clothing. Clothing from Zhili Town of Huzhou City in...

An early Chinese New Year "gift"

Image | 2014-01-13 at 3:00

We are calling upon the government department to implement a new and crucial chemicals regulation policy in order to combat the toxic pollution of China's waterways. Violation of environmental standards, often by extending discharge pipes into...

"Detox: all in or nothing" for Adidas

Image | 2014-02-10 at 3:00

Greenpeace activists stage a Detox 'Fashion Show' outside an Adidas store in Cubao, Quezon City, North of Manila, Philippines.

Will GAP take the leap into a Detox-ed future

Image | 2014-03-31 at 3:00

Greenpeace activists placed a 3D banner in front of GAP's flagship store in Taipei, Taiwan to highlight GAP's pollution issue. The banner in Chinese reads "GAP Detox Now". Earlier in March, activists from Greenpeace scaled the same store...

The best investment you'll ever make

Image | 2014-05-26 at 4:00

A Greenpeace activist holds a banner, in front of Adidas' flagship store in a shopping district of Beijing, urging the sports apparel giant to consider detoxifying their products. While Adidas forecasts profits of over 900 million Euros during...

Burberry gets the Detox message

Image | 2014-02-03 at 3:00

Tests carried out by Greenpeace on items sold by leading clothing brands revealed the presence of hazardous and potentially hormone disrupting chemicals in children's clothing. Burberry is one of the brands tested for the report.

A Greenpeace activist hangs a banner on a

Image | 2008-06-15 at 0:30

A Greenpeace activist hangs a banner on a container ship recently arrived from the USA carrying toxic e-waste, Hong Kong, 14 June 2008.The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department and the Hong Kong Customs have agreed to the demand of...

In response to the tragic Sichuan Earthquake

Image | 2008-05-21 at 6:00

In response to the tragic Sichuan Earthquake, Greenpeace has sent a research team to the site to identify and monitor possible secondary environmental hazards triggered by the earthquake.

Greenpeace activists hung a huge banner bearing

Image | 2005-12-07 at 12:38

Greenpeace activists hung a huge banner bearing a picture of a Chinese girl holding an HP branded keyboard from the Guiyu e-waste yard and bearing the slogan “HP = Harmful Products”’ on the companies international headquarters in Palo Alto, the USA.

Dell computer waste (e

Image | 2005-04-11 at 7:00

Dell computer waste (e-waste) in a Chinese scrap yard.

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