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Bringing Chinese wind to the Angkor Photo Festival

Blog entry by Tom Wang | 2012-12-02

I am bringing some very beautiful pictures to the 8th Angkor Photo Festival that runs from December 1-8. They are pictures of wind turbines from different parts of China. Either in the middle of the desert in northwestern China, or...

Electronics companies can lead the way on clean energy - if you push them

Blog entry by Casey Harrell | 2012-11-21 1 comment

Every day, you rely on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet to be more productive, or just to have fun. Gadgets can make our lives better, but the rate at which we collectively purchase and discard them is having a serious impact on...

No nuclear in China - not anywhere

Blog entry by Greenpeace East Asia | 2012-10-31

Last week  Reuters reported  that China will approve a small number of new nuclear reactors before 2015 to be built in coastal regions.  Greenpeace has always fought - and will continue to fight - vigorously against nuclear power...

South Korea can't deny the risks of nuclear power forever

Blog entry by Jan Beranek | 2012-10-09

This piece was originally published on Greenpeace International, October 8, 2012. I am at a detention centre at South Korea's airport, quickly writing these few words as best I can on a mobile phone. Together with my colleague, Dr.

Last year wind generated 1.5% of China's total electricity output

Blog entry by Greenpeace East Asia | 2012-10-04

The following is taken from the latest " China Wind Power Outlook 2012 ". Wind power is globally recognized as an effective way to mitigate climate change, improve energy security, and support low-carbon industrial and economic...

SUCCESS! Shell stops Arctic oil drilling for this year

Blog entry by Ben Ayliffe | 2012-09-19

You did it. For over six months, huge numbers of us have been pressuring Shell to stay out of the Arctic. Well this week company bosses announced they were scrapping their oil drilling programme for this year. It's a huge ...

Arctic Sea Ice minimum - new record is set in 2012

Blog entry by cleronde | 2012-08-31

This post originally appeared on Greenpeace International . In the Greenpeace office, staff have developed a bad habit. We take our seats, switch our computers on and click on the bookmark to the National Snow and Ice Data Center...

Taiwanese TV presenter Janet Hsieh wants to give the earth a hug

Blog entry by Janet Hsieh | 2012-08-01

I am a selfish person. I like nice, beautiful things and places. And I want to visit them in my lifetime. I know we're supposed to take care of our environment for our children and our children's children and all that, but I don't...

A beginner's guide to nuclear power

Feature Story | 2012-07-25 at 5:30

Nuclear power, once the domain of scientists in labs and far away from the thoughts of the rest of us, is fast becoming a debate held between every day people.

Preserve Arctic for sake of shared global future

Blog entry by Li Yan | 2012-07-18

Last week, as China’s icebreaker, the Xuelong (“Snow Dragon”) set sail from the port of Qingdao, heading for the Arctic with an international crew on board, Greenpeace’s ship, the   Arctic Sunrise , a Greenpeace vessel, set sail...

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