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Revealed: Why China's air-quality readings differ from the US consulate's

Blog entry by Monica Tan | 2012-06-07

Last month the US consulate-general in Shanghai began publishing their own set of air-quality figures in Shanghai - as they already do in Beijing and Guangzhou -- and it's angered a few Chinese ministers. At a press conference, Vice...

Stop saving face, start saving China's air quality

Blog entry by Monica Tan | 2012-06-06

Yesterday our climate and energy campaigner Zhou Rong appeared on the BBC to talk about China's recent public displeasure over foreign embassies (uh, namely the US embassy) publishing its own set of air-quality readings. Head here to...

Chinese government comes clean on PM2.5 but offers no solutions

Blog entry by Zhou Rong | 2012-06-06

Yesterday the China Environmental Quality Communiqué 2011 was released by the State Council Information Office. This communiqué is the first official document from Beijing that contains PM2.5 figures of Chinese cities.  However,...

The one pollution to rule them all: coal in China

Blog entry by Monica Tan | 2012-05-31

When it comes to charting China's growing rural-urban divide, can there be any greater yardstick than pollution? In a country beset by environmental problems, we are now finding that as development levels surge ahead in second and top...

Good, bad and the ugly: Eastern Chinese cities ranked by air quality

Blog entry by Monica Tan | 2012-05-25

It's no news that China's air pollution is bad. In fact if this NASA map of PM2.5 levels is anything to go by, Eastern China has it the worst in the entire world. But how come the air pollution in some Chinese cities is simply bad...

Ranking Eastern Chinese cities by their "clean air" actions

Publication | 2012-05-25 at 7:00

Greenpeace selected 28 National Environmental Protection Priority Cities as defined by Ministry of Environmental Protection in three key regions and ranked them based on their current air quality, "clean air" action plans and targets committed to...

From Cyberport to "Dataport" – Hong Kong missing a renewable 'Cloud'

Blog entry by Yeung Man-Yau | 2012-05-22

From mainland's pregnant mothers to waste management policy, Chief executive-elect Mr C.Y. Leung has strived hard to make changes in controversies that have garnered much attention by the public. Yet, whether or not he is a truly...

Apple responds to customers, starts down road to clean energy iCloud

Blog entry by Gary Cook | 2012-05-21

Last week, after hundreds of thousands of Apple customers and Greenpeace supporters asked the company to use clean energy instead of dirty coal, it announced a significant investment in local renewable energy to power its data center...

Japan switches off nuclear

Image | 2012-05-21 at 10:30

Japan is nuclear free for the first time since 1970. Here's how it happened. Click to view a larger version of this image.

Calling for a Green Apple: San Francisco to Hong Kong

Video | 2012-05-17 at 14:13

Over 216,000 people have asked Apple to choose green power, not dirty coal. To bring that message to Apple we are visiting Apple stores across the globe in a 24hr virtual iPhone relay, using iPhone and iPads to show Apple its users want it to be...

Little girl in Hong Kong joins 'clean our cloud'

Image | 2012-05-07 at 11:49

Campaigners in Hong Kong setup a "Super Genius Bar" next to Apple's flagship Hong Kong store in IFC Central. The bar was designed to educate the public and push Apple to switch to renewable energy. Many families and concerned citizens turned up...

Customers join Greenpeace to call for clean-energy iCloud at Apple stores

Press release | 2012-05-05 at 11:30

5 May 2012 – Apple customers joined Greenpeace’s activities around the world today to ask Apple for a cleaner cloud as part of a campaign to get the company to power its massive data centres with renewable energy instead of coal. In Hong Kong...

Greenpeace activists in South Korea taken by police for banner drop

Blog entry by Cindy Baxter | 2012-05-03

Greenpeace activists have been taken away by police for questioning in Samchoek for hanging a banner on the front of the City Government building. The 18 x 4.5m banner reads: "Nuclear free Korea is in the hands of Samchoek citizens...

Greenpeace blasts an anti-nuclear projection onto a Korea nuclear power plant

Image | 2012-05-02 at 15:29

Greenpeace displays a message onto the Kori Nuclear Power Plant near Busan, South Korea. The projection comes at the end of week that saw two citizens' rallies at the plant, the release of a Greenpeace report highlighting major safety concerns...

HK campaigners take action at the Apple store

Image | 2012-04-30 at 10:00

Last week Greenpeace activists held large “black cloud’ balloons at the Hong Kong’s flagship Apple store. Greenpeace’s international Clean Our Cloud campaign is calling on industry laggards Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon to join the growing number...

Anti-nuke banner action at Korea's sunny Busan beach

Image | 2012-04-27 at 14:32

This morning campaigners from Greenpeace and KFEM displayed a 10 x 30m banner on Busan's famous Haeundae beach, warning residents that the Kori nuclear power plant is only 21 km away. That means 3.4 million people live within the recommended 30...

Hey China! That dust-filled air you're breathing is toxic

Blog entry by Harri Lammi | 2012-04-27

Beijing residents this morning woke up to grey skies and a thick layer of dust on their cars and bicycles. Greenpeace campaigners headed out onto the streets dressed as themal power plant workers with huge posters of China's coal...

Greenpeace activists turned back at Daya Bay Nuclear Emergency Drill

Press release | 2012-04-26 at 17:45

April 26, 2012, Hong Kong - Today is the 26th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It's also a day in which the Hong Kong SAR Government is holding a two-day inter-departmental nuclear plant drill at Tung Ping Chau. 17 Greenpeace...

Fukushima must be a lesson to Korea's nuclear industry – Greenpeace report

Press release | 2012-04-26 at 11:48

Busan, Korea, 26 April 2012 -- While Japan is still investigating the Fukushima accident and has halted all but one of its 54 nuclear reactors out of safety concerns, Korea is further extending its nuclear fleet, Greenpeace said today.

Greenpeace activists occupy HK Apple store with 'dark cloud'

Press release | 2012-04-25 at 15:00

25 April 2012 – Today 10 Greenpeace activists visited the Apple flagship store in Central with 4 gigantic “black clouds’ with the text ‘iClean?’ as part of the global campaign to get the company to power its massive data centers with renewable...

Protest against reactor restart in Japan

Image | 2012-04-23 at 10:00

Greenpeace activists and local people greet the Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Yukio Edano outside the Fukui Prefecture Government offices with sings and banners reading: "EDA NO" (no nuclear). The activists are protesting against...

Our campaigner in South Korea was having a seriously bad hair day

Blog entry by Cindy Baxter | 2012-04-21

Having a bad hair day and getting cold feet When the author of our Energy [R]evolution, Sven Teske, was in Seoul in February, he complained. It was -15 degrees celcius outside, and his hair was bad, his feet cold. Why? "In...

Korean Government deports another Greenpeace campaigner

Press release | 2012-04-20 at 16:02

20th April 2012. On the day after Greenpeace released a renewable energy scenario for Korea that would see nuclear energy phased out by 2030 (1), the South Korean Government has deported yet another key staff member from the country.

Google welcomes Greenpeace 'Clean our Cloud' report

Blog entry by Kevin Grandia | 2012-04-20

In response to the Greenpeace How Clean is Your Cloud report  released a few days ago, Urs Hoelzle Google's Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure in a statement published in the New York Times said that: ...

Greenpeace report gives choice to Korea: choose renewables - or get left behind

Press release | 2012-04-19 at 12:30

Seoul - 19 April 2012 -- South Korea's energy supply could switch to nearly 60% renewable by 2050, phasing out nuclear power by 2030, creating jobs, reducing the cost of energy and generating massive savings in electricity supply, according to a...

How clean is your cloud? Apple responds

Blog entry by Gary Cook | 2012-04-19

Our new report " How Clean is Your Cloud " is out, and shows that the massive increase in Internet use is mainly being powered by dirty energy. Apple, Amazon and Microsoft all score badly in the report for relying on dirty coal and...

Tell Apple, Amazon, Microsoft you want a cleaner cloud

Blog entry by Casey Harrell | 2012-04-18

Every day, our lives revolve more and more around the phenomenon that is "the cloud." We check our e-mail, store our music, and share photos and status updates. It’s a key part of how we connect with our friends and family. But have...

Mother and her children

Image | 2012-04-02 at 10:00

A mother stands holding her two children in the small village of Nanping along the route of the Silk Road, which is threatened by drought. Drought is one of the most harmful natural hazards in Northwest China. Climate change has a significant...

Unraveling the puzzle that is solar PV pollution

Publication | 2012-03-28 at 16:00

As its name implies, clean energy, including the use of and conversion of solar power, should be clean. This is a fair demand put to the solar PV industry. Unfortunately clean production has yet to come to fruition. Greenpeace has reviewed...

China to restrict coal demand, but is it enough?

Blog entry by Harri Lammi | 2012-03-28

China is set to limit their domestic output and consumption of coal over the next five years in an effort to reduce pollution and curb the nation's reliance on this dirty energy. However there are serious question marks over the ...

Japan set for a nuclear-free spring with shutdown of Kashiwasaki-Kariwa reactor

Blog entry by Greenpeace Japan | 2012-03-27

"With the shutdown of Kashiwasaki-Kariwa's No.6 nuclear reactor yesterday, Japan now has no nuclear plants left operating on its main island of Honshu," said Junichi Sato, Greenpeace Japan Executive Director. "Only one reactor remains...

A haunting recreation of a second Fukushima

Image | 2012-03-12 at 11:05

Activists from Greenpeace Africa simulate nuclear pollution on the beach in Sea Point, Cape Town. Greenpeace campaigners in 19 countries protested against nuclear power as part of a March 11 memorial for the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. ...

A message from Kumi to the victims of Fukushima

Blog entry by Kumi Naidoo | 2012-03-11

Today our thoughts are once more with the people of Japan; our condolences are with those who lost their loved ones and our admiration is with those who are valiantly rebuilding their lives and communities one year after the earthquake...

Anti-nuke projection goes up across from headquarters of Korea's nuclear operator

Image | 2012-03-07 at 12:12

"KEPCO should not forget the lessons from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the Korean government must now make a decision to phase out from the current nuke-oriented electricity generation and convert to clean and safe renewable energy source...

New air pollution standards pressures local Chinese governments to act

Blog entry by Zhou Rong | 2012-03-06

Last Friday the state council had a press conference , introducing the revised Ambient Air Quality Standard, as part of efforts to strengthen overall  air pollution control. The challenge to clean up the air is huge and urgent.

Lake Kawaguchiko action against nuclear energy

Image | 2012-03-05 at 11:30

Greenpeace hopes that this messages will help unite the people of Japan in opposition to nuclear power, and encourage the Japanese authorities to listen to them.

Are you at risk of a nuclear accident? Our map shows millions around the globe are.

Blog entry by Justin McKeating | 2012-03-02

More than 400 nuclear reactors operate around the world right now. There's a very good chance that you, your family or your friends live close enough to one to be directly affected by a disaster like the one that happened at the...

It's time: China must kick-start its green transition in 2012

Press release | 2012-03-01 at 12:30

Greenpeace has urged China's lawmakers and political advisers to place the issue of coal high on the agendas for the upcoming NPC and CPPCC annual plenary sessions. The environmental group says China must make up for lost time and act quickly and...


Hub | 2012-03-01 at 12:28

2013 Climate and Energy Press Releases


Hub | 2012-03-01 at 12:28

2012 Climate and Energy Press Releases

China's top dog Premier Wen Jiabao agrees to regional control of country's air pollution

Blog entry by Zhou Rong | 2012-03-01

Premier Wen Jiabao has agreed to release a revised Environmental Air Quality Standard in a State Council meeting yesterday, as part of efforts to strengthen overall air pollution control. The release of this new standard sends a...

Chinese government heeds Greenpeace's call: climate change endangers food security

Blog entry by Monica Tan | 2012-02-29

A Greenpeace report has been included in the Chinese government's most authoritative report regarding the consequences and costs of global warming for China. Conducted by 16 ministries, the 'Second National Assessment Report on Climate...

Messages of hope from Mount Fuji

Image gallery | 2012-02-29

Nuclear alert projected onto a Hong Kong building

Image | 2012-02-27 at 11:30

To mark the anniversary of Fukushima Greenpeace Hong Kong activists projected a huge nuclear alert on the building. It was a clear message to the government that nuclear disaster is a real possibility for Hong Kong. We're asking the government to...

Fukushima disaster revives one mother's resolve to end nuclear energy

Blog entry by Tatsuko Ogawara | 2012-02-24

Image © Christian Åslund / Greenpeace This time last year Japan was rocked by a deadly earthquake, which also resulted in a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima power plant . We bring you two stories of two mothers from Fukushima,...

Fukushima mother: "Aside from the sorrow in my heart, there is also indignation."

Blog entry by Kanako Nishikata | 2012-02-23

Image © Robert Knoth / Greenpeace This time last year Japan was rocked by a deadly earthquake, which also resulted in a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima power plant . We bring you two stories of two mothers from Fukushima, Japan...

Silence and contamination, legacies of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Blog entry by Laura Kenyon | 2012-02-20

Last year the Fukushima nuclear disaster forced 150,000 Japanese citizens to flee their homes. Now it's time to take a look at its legacy and take an opportunity to stand in solidarity with the people who continue to suffer the impacts...

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