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Swimming in Poison

Publication | 2010-08-25 at 8:00

A new Greenpeace study has revealed the widespread presence of hazardous chemicals in fish caught along the length of the Yangtze River. These chemicals are hazardous, persistent, and bio-accumulative, and have been banned or restricted in EU...

Seeds of change: on the frontlines of the fight against cadmium rice

Blog entry by ada kong | 2015-05-07

I remember when I first visited the Hengdong Industrial Zone in early 2014. There was something eerie and deeply unsettling about the lush rice fields sitting adjacent to the openly polluting factories, whose seven giant stacks poured...

Fishermen working on the Yangtze River

Image | 2010-08-25 at 19:14

Fishermen working on the Yangtze River

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