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Homeless orangutans protest a Beijing KFC store

Image | 2012-05-28 at 13:00

Last week Greenpeace activists hit up a Beijing KFC store, taking with them two homeless orang-utans and a dying Sumatran tiger who held up a banner reading "My forest home is NOT your disposable food packaging!" The Colonel's been keeping his...

Beautiful Hainan Gibbons endangered due to deforestation

Video | 2011-11-25 at 19:52

Hainan's rainforests are home to the world's rarest primate, the Hainan gibbon, of which it is believed that only 23 remain in the wild. "When you have just 23 of a particular animal species left in the wild, that says we humans aren't being good...

KFC executives have their heads in a bucket

Blog entry by Chris Eaton | 2012-05-30

Last week we released a report exposing KFC for driving rainforest destruction  and pushing tigers toward extinction. Sadly, KFC executives have responded by putting a big bucket of denial on their heads. The company first said...

Sixty Greenpeace volunteers

Image | 2008-05-07 at 0:34

Sixty Greenpeace volunteers, many in full orang-utan costumes, are currently overrunning and occupying the Unilever factory in Port Sunlight, near Liverpool. Eight teams of activists have scaled perimeter fences, entered the plant at different...

Now is the time for China's KFC customers to make change

Blog entry by Monica Tan | 2012-06-27

After months of preparation, Yang Jie finally took her place in front of a busy KFC restaurant in Beijing's Chaoyang district with two fellow activists who were dressed as homeless orangutans living in giant KFC chicken buckets. They...

It's not just palm oil which is driving deforestation

Image | 2010-04-22 at 8:00

It's not just palm oil which is driving deforestation - to feed its pulp and paper mills, Sinar Mas has also cleared huge swaths of rainforest and tiger habitat such as here in Riau, Sumatra

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