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Toolkit #1: Save Energy

Did you know...

...that globally, households have the potential to reduce our overall electricity needs by 66%? So by being smarter with our energy use, we could phase out 511 coal-fired power plants, and reduce emissions by approximately 1.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year.


Chase the power thieves out of your house!

Many household appliances consume much more energy than necessary – even when switched off. By buying better and following a few simple tips, you can decrease both your household’s energy bill and its climate footprint.

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Toolkit #2: Climate Friendly Transportation

Did you know...

…that 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector? That’s 5.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year – the same annual emissions of 1500 power plants.

Reduce your travel footprint

Travel sees our personal carbon footprints vary hugely from one person to the next. While some drive around in massive SUVs and fly away for their holidays, others take the bus and holiday locally. These are big differences in behavior patterns, but the energy saving potential is just as big.

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Toolkit #4: Less is More

Did you know...

… that about 15% of your home’s fuel consumption comes from heating water? This is directly proportional to the amount of water we use and how efficient we are in heating it.

In the search for happiness, we consume, and the environment picks up the tab. Yet the happiest people you meet will all tell you that the best things in life aren’t things. An economy where quantity goes before quality is wasting raw materials and belching out massive amounts of greenhouse gases. By managing time and resources more conscientiously, we’ll leave a far smaller ‘ecological footprint’ and far happier lives.

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Toolkit #5: Present the Energy Revolution

Did you know...

...that there is a solution to climate change and our dependance of dirty, deadly fossil fuels? It's the Energy [R]evolution - and we need your help spreading the word about it.


Become an Energy [R]evolution presenter

The Energy [R]evolution presentation is simply a slideshow that you can use to spread the word. It outlines the core points of the Energy [R]evolution report, and guides you with a script as you outline these yourself to your audience. You can present it to anyone - your friends, families, colleagues, faith group - and become an ambassador for us.

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Toolkit #6: Cool and Smart Living

Did you know...

…that good quality living is possible while reducing up to 50% of your energy consumption by integrating smart design, selecting appropriate materials and maximizing innovative technologies in your home?

Make your home a smart household!

It makes much better use of the natural environment for heating and cooling while being conscious of its energy consumption. The same principles apply whether people live in a hot or cold climate, a house or an apartment.

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