EU ministers want changes in GMO authorisation system

Greenpeace reactive statement on Environment Council – GMOs

Press release - June 5, 2008
Brussels, Belgium — Marco Contiero, Greenpeace EU GMO campaign director, said: “Greenpeace welcomes the recognition by EU ministers that the GMO evaluation and authorisation process needs to be repaired. Environment ministers concluded that the EU GMO authorisation system must become more transparent and effective and that the risk assessment procedures underpinning it need to be improved. The same conclusions were reached by the European Commission, which held a debate on GMOs last month.

Member states have called for a reform of the scientific expertise involved in GMO risk assessment and for further discussions on the long-term impacts of GMOs. It is now clear that the authorisation process must be halted until risk assessment procedures are truly independent and compliant with EU legal requirements.

Only a stringent, transparent and independent GMO risk evaluation will be able to take account of the risks posed by GMOs on human health, the environment and the future of conventional and organic agriculture in Europe.


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