Slovenian nuclear accident trips EU warning system

Plant shutdown after loss of reactor coolant, media reports

Press release - June 4, 2008
Brussels, Belgium — An accident at the Krsko nuclear power plant in Slovenia tripped the EU’s ‘Ecurie’ early warning system for nuclear emergencies on Wednesday afternoon. There was a loss of coolant liquid from the reactor and the plant is being shut down, media reports say.

Jan Beránek, Greenpeace International nuclear campaigner said: "Any situation which results in the European Commission alerting all 27 member states about the possible consequences of a nuclear accident cannot readily be dismissed as something not to worry about."

"In this case we hope that independent confirmation can be gained to confirm that the situation is under control and there was no offsite contamination. However, it stands as a testament to the threat that all of Europe's nuclear facilities pose to its population and environment and beyond. Those who are planning to build more nuclear reactors must head this warning and reject nuclear technology."

The Krsko power plant was built by nuclear technologies company Westinghouse and brought into service in 1981. It operates one pressurised water reactor of 600 MWE installed capacity. It is located 75 km from the Austrian border and 130 km from the Italian border.

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