Reckless EU fishing quotas again expected for 2012

Press release - December 16, 2011
Brussels, 16 December 2011 – Ministers meet in Brussels today to set next year’s EU fishing quotas, mainly for Atlantic and North Sea species like cod, herring and sole.

Greenpeace activists blocking destructive trawling by a French vessel in the Atlantic this October


Greenpeace fears ministers will continue to ignore official advice to reduce fishing so as to let hard pressed fish stocks recover.

Greenpeace EU oceans policy director Saskia Richartz said: “If ministers continue to allow the plunder of our seas, there will soon be no fish left and a lot of fishermen looking for jobs. Ministers need to show the industry some tough love by reducing the fishing power of fleets and limiting catches to sustainable levels to ensure fish stocks recover and the sector has a future.”

An official report published on Monday highlighted important weaknesses in the design and implementation of EU-wide measures to reduce overfishing. This EU Court of Auditors report confirmed that governments have failed to meet obligations to slim down their fleet in line with dwindling fish populations.

Quota outcomes are expected this afternoon or evening. For reaction, please call Saskia Richartz.


Saskia Richartz - Greenpeace EU fisheries policy manager: +32 (0) 495 290 028
Jack Hunter - Greenpeace media officer: +32 (0)476 988 584

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