Against the Grain: The Threat of Genetically Engineered Wheat

Publication - November 1, 2002
Genetic engineers are now tinkering with one of humanity’s most important sources of food — wheat. The introduction of genetically engineered (GE) wheat is currently on the horizon, although it has taken longer to develop and commercialize than the other dominant food crops (corn, canola, soybeans).

Author: Greenpeace

Executive summary: Research is ongoing on several GE wheat varieties, Monsanto’s glyphosate-tolerant wheat, known as Roundup ReadyTM (RR) spring wheat, appears to be the closest to commercialization. Though the company is hedging on when the wheat will be marketed, Monsanto has stated it plans to apply for approval of RR wheat in the United States, Canada and Japan in 2002.

Num. pages: 76