The dirty portfolios of the pesticides industry

Publication - June 16, 2008
Product evaluation and ranking of leading agrochemical companies

Author: Greenpeace Germany

Executive summary: Many of the pesticides used globally pose high risks to human health and the environment. Moreover, a great number of them cannot be assessed due to lack of publicly available toxicity data. What is worse, many of them cannot be routinely analysed by state laboratories and thus it is not known to what extent they contaminate food and the environment.

In this report, the pesticide portfolios of the five top global pesticide companies - Bayer Crop Science, BASF, Dow Agro-Science, Monsanto and Syngenta - which together represent about three quarters of the global pesticide market, are investigated and compared. It reveals which of these companies have the "blackest" pesticide portfolios and which companies have the highest detrimental impact on human health and the environment. This report is the first ranking of the leading pesticides producers based on environmental and health risk and hazard criteria.

Num. pages: 62