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"Energy Revolution: a sustainable pathway to a clean energy future for Europe"

Publication - September 27, 2005
Climate change is real and it is happening now; the result of the greenhouse gases we are pumping into the atmosphere, climate change impacts our lives and is expected to destroy many natural environments in the coming years. This report offers an European energy scenario for the EU25 for 2050.

Energy (R)evolution - Report

Author: Greenpeace International

Executive summary: A rise of the global mean temperature of 2°C or more above pre-industrial levels would mean a dramatic increase in damage to ecosystems and disruption to the climate system.Today, we are already committed to 1.2 or 1.3°C warming, even if all greenhouse emissions were stopped immediately.To keep global mean temperature below the 2°C level, we have a very short time window to act.Within no more than one to two decades, we have to change our energy system to meet this target.

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