Comparison tool: EU 2050 energy roadmaps (Excel 2003 and below)

Publication - August 6, 2010
Does the Energy [R]evolution path to a 100% renewable energy future measure up to other EU energy roadmaps? This interactive tool allows you to compare the Energy [R]evolution report 2010 and other recently published EU energy roadmaps.

Executive summary: The comparison includes the following studies:
• International Energy Agency (IEA): World Energy Outlook 2009, 2009: 450ppm scenario
• Greenpeace/European Renewable Energy Council (EREC): Energy [R]evolution for the EU 27, 2010: Energy [R]evolution scenario (E[R])
• Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE)/SEI: Europe’s Share of the Climate Challenge, 2009: 100% renewable energy (RES) scenario
• European Climate Foundation (ECF)/McKinsey: 2050 Roadmap, 2010: 80% renewable energy scenario
• Eurelectric (Eur): Power Choices, 2010: Power Choices scenario

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