Wasting our time with nuclear - Nuclear waste and the problems it poses

Publication - April 1, 2010
Would you drive a car if it had no brakes? Probably not. Yet nuclear power has been driven for the last 50 years by the nuclear industry and some European governments with no concern for the safety of its deadly by-product: nuclear waste.

Executive summary: The European Commission is currently preparing a directive on nuclear waste that could make European countries think twice before they add to the problem by building new nuclear power plants. However, the legislation could also be exploited by the nuclear industry to attempt to overcome the stumbling block of public opposition and give politicians a false sense of security that could open the door to new projects. This briefing illustrates why for now – and for the next hundreds of thousands of years – the nuclear waste problem is here to stay and why we should stop wasting our time with nuclear power.

Num. pages: 8

Wasting our time with nuclear