Block the revolving door: why we need to stop EU officials becoming lobbyists

Publication - November 24, 2011
This new ALTER-EU report urges greater transparency and stricter rules to prevent Commission officials going through the revolving door into lucrative lobby jobs in the private sector.

This report includes details of 15 cases of senior EU officials (see Annexe 1) who have moved through the revolving door. The EU institutions have rules to govern the revolving door, but these are weak and are poorly implemented. In the cases documented in this report, many officials were allowed to move into lobbying jobs without any restrictions being imposed. In other instances, the rules appear to have been ignored entirely, until civil society groups and the media raised the cases. Overall, between January 2008 and July 2010, only one official was prevented from taking up a new position under the revolving door rules, out of 201 requests made.