Sharing the costs and benefits of green technology in Europe

Publication - June 29, 2011
This report, based on the efforts of two leading environmental policy insitutes, shows that the cost-efficient potential for further emission reductions, towards a 30 percent climate target, is unevenly spread across the 27 EU Member States.

Any further reduction in EU emissions will involve Central and Easter Europe doing more, because this region holds a big potential for low-cost emission reduction options towards 2020. This includes measures such as refurbishing houses and office buildings and modernising infrastructure. But, both business and governments in Central and Eastern Europe have more difficult access to capital than the richer EU Member States.

The EU should therefore support investments in the Central and Eastern Europe region to make cost-effective carbon reductions, by establishing EU financial mechanisms. This is a win-win solution. It will maximise the benefits of joint EU climate action - the EU-wide costs of emission reductions will be lower - and will attract investments, lower energy bills and create new jobs in Central and Eastern Europe. The report outlines several EU mechanism that can support carbon reductions in Central and Eastern Europe.


Sharing the costs and benefits of green technology in Europe