Turning the tide on European overfishing

Publication - July 12, 2011
An accessible nine page booklet explaining Europe's role in ocean distruction and the need for fisheries reform.

There is more animal and plant life in our seas than in all other natural environments combined. But our vast oceans are being emptied of this life as a result of overfishing.

Europe’s fishing fleets have wreaked destruction from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and nowhere more than in European waters. They fish more than almost anyone in the world. And while fish are running out and the oceans struggle to absorb the effects of climate change, the destructive power of fishing fleets isincreasing.

Governments must act before it’s too late. The rules governing fishing in the European Union (EU) need to be changed. The good news is that these rules, known as the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), are up for review.

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Turning the tide on European overfishing