Growing herbicide-tolerant GM crops: lessons from the agricultural blunders of the United States and Argentina

Greenpeace press conference invitation for Wednesday 7 November 2012

Publication - October 30, 2012
The vast majority of genetically modified (GM) crops currently awaiting approval for cultivation in the European Union – 19 out of 26 – are engineered to tolerate herbicides. Such crops are already widely grown in the United States and Argentina.

Renowned agricultural economist Dr. Charles Benbrook has developed the first ever forecast of how much the use of herbicides would increase in the EU if the European Commission authorised the cultivation of GM herbicide-tolerant maize, soy and sugar beet.

The press conference will reveal the alarming findings of the study and present the real-life testimonies of two farmers, featured in our documentary Growing Doubt, filmed in the US and Argentina, who are touring Europe to describe how herbicide-tolerant crop monocultures have affected the economy, environment and health.

When: Wednesday 7 November at 10:30 am.

Where: Malbeek room, Residence Palace - IPC, Rue de la Loi 155, 1040 Brussels.

Who: Dr. Charles Benbrook (scientist);
US farmers Wes Shoemyer (former Missouri State Senator) and Wendel Lutz;
Moderated by Marco Contiero (Greenpeace).

You can watch the documentary by visiting

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