Joint NGO letter to EU fisheries ministers on fisheries reform and stock recovery

Publication - April 11, 2013
As negotiations on the reform of the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy enter the final stage, over 200 groups from civil society are calling on EU fisheries ministers to support an end to overfishing and the speedy restoration of fish stocks.

A Greek fisherman from the island of Tinos holds a paper boat with a message of support for low-impact fishermen. The Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise is on a journey around Europe to support sustainable fishermen. Thousands of paper boats with messages calling for a fair reform of European fisheries are being collected and will be delivered to Brussels in June.


As they negotiate the shape of the reformed fisheries policy, the Council and Parliament have an opportunity to end 30 years of EU fisheries mismanagement.


The letter is available in multiple languages.

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