Media briefing on the Commission’s energy security strategy

Publication - May 28, 2014
The Ukraine crisis has once again highlighted Europe’s vulnerability to energy import disruptions. There is a risk that, as in 2006 and 2009, gas imports from Russia through Ukraine could drop or dry up completely. These imports represent over ten per cent of Europe’s gas supply.

This comes at a time when Europe is discussing what energy policies to set for beyond 2020. EU leaders are expected to discuss the EU’s 2030 climate and energy policies at an EU summit in June, and take a final decision in October.

However, Europe’s reliance on Russian gas is part of a wider problem of import dependency. In 2012, the EU spent €421 billion [1] buying over half of its energy (53 per cent) from abroad.

Replacing energy supplies from Russia with nuclear energy and fossil fuels from elsewhere is not the answer. Changing the dealer will not help Europe kick its dirty energy habit.


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