Summary of finances

Background - May 28, 2014

Greenpeace European Unit is funded by Greenpeace International. Globally, Greenpeace relies mostly on the voluntary donations of around 3 million individual supporters (86% of total income in 2013) and on grant support from independent foundations (2% of total income in 2013). Greenpeace does not seek or accept donations from governments (including the EU institutions), corporations or political parties.

Auditors' statement for Greenpeace European Unit 2014:

"We have audited the financial statements as of and for the year ended 31 December 2014, which have been prepared under the responsibility of the Management of the association and which show a balance sheet total of EUR 1,699,204.88 and a profit for the year of EUR 0.00. (...) In our opinion, (...) the financial statements for the year (accounting period) ended 31 December 2014 give a true and fair view of the association's assets, liabilities, its financial position and the results of its operations in accordance with the financial reporting framework applicable in Belgium."

Clybouw Auditors - Antwerp, Belgium

Income and Operating Costs   2014
Total income (a) € 2,988,471.55
Total operating costs (b) € 2,988,471.55
Net profit  (a-b) € 0.00

Balance sheet 2014
Fixed capital assets (a)     €27,248.90
Current floating assets (b)  €1,671,955.98
Liabilities (c)  €1,699,204.88
Total assets minus liabilities (a+b-c) €0


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