11 candlelight demonstrations in Finland against nuclear power

Press release - March 15, 2011
Approximately 2 200 people in Helsinki, Finland gathered to pay respect for the victims in Japan, and to oppose nuclear power. Candlelight demonstrations were organized in 11 cities around the country.
Candlelight demonstration against nuclear power

Radiation symbol was projected in the Parliament house during the demonstration. 15th of March, Helsinki, Finland.

The demonstration in Helsinki was organized by five major environmental non-governmental organisations. In 48 hours we managed to get 2 200 people to a vigil for the victims of Japan and a demonstration against nuclear power.

The demonstration was a silent gathering, where people could show their respect to the victims, and also a powerful way to show our anger against the irresponsible and arrogant Finnish pro-nuclear politicians. Finnish parliament members have been eager to say that despite the incident in Japan, the nuclear reactors in Finland are the safest in the world.

Finland might not be threathened by tsunamis, but ice and oil leaked from tanker accident might still affect the cooling systems of nuclear power plants. Mistakes may also happen in Finland. Polish employees who are building Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor have been speaking openly about covering up mistakes with cement, illiterate superiors and unreliable subcontractors.

"Olkiluoto 3 has a long list of safety mishaps. Its construction permit must be immediately halted", says Greenpeace's Press Officer Juha Aromaa. "We cannot control the forces of nature, but energy solutions are national choices. We don't have to choose nuclear", said the Director of the Environmental Department Jouni Nissinen from Finnish Association for Nature Conservation in his speech. 


More information:
Program Director Tapio Laakso, Greenpeace, puhelin 040 181 6559
Press Officer Juha Aromaa, Greenpeace, puhelin 050 369 6202