Greenpeace activists confront Shell Chairman Jorma Ollila

Press release - April 24, 2013
Greenpeace activists from Finland and Russia met Shell Chairman of the Board Jorma Ollila at Helsinki University this morning. They asked Mr Ollila to stop oil drilling in the Arctic. Shell, led by Mr Ollila, tried to drill north of Alaska last year but failed. On 7 April he signed a tentative deal to start oil drilling in the Russian Arctic with Gazprom.

24 April 2013 University of Helsinki

Greenpeace activists ask Shell Chairman of the Board Jorma Ollila to stop Arctic drilling. Copyright: Greenpeace/Patrik Rastenberger


”The people of Northern Russia want to know how Shell can guarantee safety of the pristine Arctic environment and habitat of millions of Indigenous people. Neither Shell nor any other company in the world can mitigate oil spills in the Arctic. Do you realize that Shell along with with Gazprom, Rosneft, Statoil, Exxon, Eni will will be fully responsible for the destruction of the Arctic”, asked Roman Dolgov, Greenpeace Arctic campaigner in Russia.

Greenpeace activists delivered their message to Ollila also with images with Shell oil rig Kulluk on the ground in Alaska and images with oil spill destruction caused by Shell’s partner Gazprom in Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets.

Shell failed in the drilling project on Chukchi Sea and Beaufort Sea on drilling season 2012. This shows clearly that the company is not able to handle the risks involved in Arctic drilling. The failures culminated on grounding of the oil drig Kulluk in Alaska.

”Shell is looking for more oil from the melting Arctic to warm the climate even more. At the same time the company threatens the pristine nature with the risk of an oil spill. The Board of Directors make decisions on company’s strategy and Chairman Ollila has an exceptionally heavy responsibility. He can save the Arctic”, said Tapio Laakso, Greenpeace Programme Manager in Finland.

Greenpeace International has also launched a whistleblowing website today to encourage employees and subcontractors of oil companies involved in Arctic drilling to come forward and help expose the incredible risks corporations are taking as they look to plunder the resources of this pristine region.

Posters advertising the new website are appearing today in the streets surrounding the London offices of Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell — one of the biggest oil companies leading the Arctic resource rush. Flyers are also being handed out to employees outside the company's headquarters in the UK and the Netherlands.

For more information, please contact:

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