Greenpeace activists confront chairman of Shell over Arctic drilling

Press release - November 13, 2013
Eight Greenpeace Nordic activists today peacefully confronted the Shell Chairman of the Board Mr Jorma Ollila in Helsinki today over his company’s plans to drill in the Arctic.

13 November 2013

Angry bear protests Arctic oil drilling in Helsinki, Finland on 13th of November 2013. © Greenpeace/Patrik Rastenberger


The activists dropped a banner at Helsinki Kaapelitehdas, where Jorma Ollila was a guest speaker at an event for start- up businesses. The activists argue that Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic are inconsistent with tackling climate change and an example of outdated technologies, not the innovative technologies of a safe energy future.  

”As the Chairman of the Board of Shell Jorma Ollila is responsible for the strategies of one of the world’s biggest oil companies, with the ability to direct billions away from the technologies of the past and into the technologies of the future. If he wants to say something to innovative start up companies and entrepreneurs, he should champion the renewable energy technologies that can fuel the global economy into the future. We can’t even use the present oil reserves without contributing to dangerous climate change and we certainly shouldn’t be turning to the reserves in the pristine Arctic”, says Tapio Laakso, Greenpeace Nordic Arctic campaign leader.

“In a context where the Climate Commissioner of the Philippines is fasting until there is a break through in the ongoing climate negotiations, and when the activists who protested against the Arctic oil drilling of Gazprom are detained in Russia, he should be promoting clean energy to not standing up for Arctic exploration”, Laakso says.

Information: Greenpeace Nordic Arctic Campaign Leader Tapio Laakso, phone +358 40 181 6559 Greenpeace Nordic Communications Manager in Finland Juha Aromaa, +358 50 369 6202