Greenpeace activists demonstrate at Olkiluoto nuclear power plant

Press release - April 11, 2011
Two Greenpeace activists demonstrate early Monday morning at Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. By going to the nuclear power plant the activists wanted to show that nuclear power is an unnecessary risk Finland doesn’t need.

Finnish Greenpeace activists Rosa and Sini accessed Olkiluoto nuclear power plant area.

First the activists went to the cooling water inlet and then continued to demonstrate on the roof of a building at nuclear power plant area. They documented the demonstration with their own photographs.

“It’s dangerous to think that the nuclear risks wouldn’t concern us in Finland. We have to create a path out of nuclear power. Now it’s the time for Finnish voters to elect a Parliament that takes Finland to safe energy production. There are already more than 42 000 voters who have made a pledge to vote for an anti-nuclear candidate”, says Greenpeace energy campaigner Jehki Härkönen.

Video and pictures of the activists demonstration tour to Olkiluoto nuclear power plant at

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Energy campaigner Jehki Härkönen, phone +358 40 197 262
Communications manager Juha Aromaa, phone +358 50 369 620