Greenpeace ship continues protest preparations for Arctic drilling

Press release - August 14, 2013
August 14, 2013 (Barents Sea) – Five activists continues protest against the Rosneft-contracted vessel Akademik Lazarev doing oil exploration in the Russian Arctic. In inflatables activist are alongside the seismic vessel demanding Rosneft to end its jeopardising of the Arctic ecosystem.


An unfurled banner with the text "Rosneft don't kill the Arctic" are being presented to the Akademik Lazarev currently conduction seismic activity with air guns.

"Not only is seismic testing dangerous for marine mammals like the dolphins we're seeing here, but it's laying the groundwork for potentially catastrophic Arctic drilling," said Christy Ferguson, Greenpeace Arctic campaigner. "Oil companies think they can operate without scrutiny in remote areas like the Russian Arctic. They're wrong."

Yesterday, Greenpeace campaigners communicated to the Lazarev's captain by radio, demanding that the vessel cease its preparations as it began firing underwater sound cannons up to 250 decibels in the Fedynskiy license block. Greenpeace communicated that operations cause danger to mammals and informed them that there were dolphins within close range of the vessel. Akademik Lazarev's captain denied that vessel was doing any harm to wildlife and refused let us come on their board to discuss seismic operations.


The Arctic Sunrise is in the Russian Arctic to expose and confront Russian oil company Rosneft and its Western partners like Exxon Mobil, Statoil and BP, who are preparing to drill in the region.

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