Greenpeace starts campaigning against E.ON nuclear project in Northern Finland

Press release - October 5, 2011
Fennovoima, led by the German energy giant E.ON, announced today that it plans to build a new nuclear reactor in Northern Finland in Pyhäjoki. Today Greenpeace starts a campaign against E.ON's nuclear project. Nuclear power is a dangerous and insecure way to produce electricity.

Greenpeace activists in Finland, in front of the National Museum 5.10.2011, when the decision on the location of the new power plant was published.

With Germany leading the way Europe is investing in sustainable energy production. At the same time the German energy giant E.ON is bringing the risks of nuclear power to Northern Finland. E.ON has 34 per cent of the shares of Fennovoima. The remaining shares are scattered among 69 minor owners.

"There is no safe nuclear power. The ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima reminds of that. Only two weeks ago safety problems were revealed at E.ON nuclear power plant in Sweden in Ringhals. There has been safety problems with the Olkiluoto 3 construction during all the project. It is unbelievable that a new reactor is planned in Finland while we don't have any guarantee on the safety of the reactor under construction", says Tapio Laakso, Greenpeace Programme manager in Finland.

Also the nuclear waste problem remains unsolved. Nuclear waste is dangerous for all life at least hundred thousand years.

"Nuclear waste problem has not been solved anywhere, not even in Finland. Nuclear waste is a lousy heritage for the future generations. E.ON does not even have a short term solution for its nuclear waste. There is no plan where the waste from the planned new plant would be taken", Laakso says.

"Germany took the lead in the European energy policy by phasing out nuclear power. Switzerland is on the same path to future. The day before yesterday we heard that Denmark will move to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050 and phase out coal power by 2030. E.ON is welcome to the Gulf of Bothnia to build safe energy production that gives employment. The risks of nuclear power are not welcome", Laakso says.

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