Arctic mask for 1st of May celebrations

Make yourself a mask!

Publication - April 29, 2012
While we are celebrating 1st of May and hoping for nice warm weather for a picnic, let's also wish for arctic weather conditions for Alaska. Shell's oil fleet is moving towards Alaska to drill in the pristine Arctic waters as we speak. Burning more oil will make climate change even worse, and an oil spill would severely damage the fragile Arctic ecosystem, the home of polar bears. Wear this mask to show your opposition to Shell’s Arctic oil drilling.

Arctic mask previewHow to make a mask

1) Print the PDF file on A4

2) Glue the paper into cardboard

3) Cut the mask outline, eyeholes and holes for the rubber band or string

4) Tie with a piece of string to fit

5) Go out on 1st of May and tell people what the mask stands for!

Bonus: Take a picture of yourself wearing the mask and post it to Greenpeace Finland's Facebook wall.  Best pic will be awarded with an awesome Arctic coffee table book.

Download the PDF file below:

Polar Mask for printer