Activists on board MV Meister

Gaurav, and the 5 activists camped the whole night on the ship, had a simple meal, saw a few shooting stars and generally conversed with the crew of the ship. I got a chance to speak to Gaurav in the night. He seemed relaxed and okay inspite of the high waves hitting the deck and it being wet around.

Gaurav When I asked him about what message I should give back home, he said in the simple manner characteristic of him, "I have come all the way from India to take part in this action and spread the message that the world and India needs to look beyond coal. We need energy which is abundant, safe for environment and humans, and we need to act on climate change now!" 

After camping on MV Meister for 28 hours, the 6 activists have been brought back to Rainbow Warrior III. Just as we reached the end of Australian waters, we sat down and discussed about the whole scenario. The water was becoming increasingly choppy with 3-4 meters wave, and we were worried about the activists on-board the Meister.  We realised that the protest was successful because it has sparked a debate in Australia about coal and the effect it will have on the Great Barrier Reef and climate change for the whole world.
Gaurav after 28 hours on MV Meister.
Image: Arpana Udupa.

So now the activists are back and resting. They are tired but proud of what they have done.

Emma Giles (Australia), one of the activists who boarded the coal ship summarised it perfectly, “After 28 hours on board it is clear to me that neither myself nor Greenpeace alone can stop these ships.  That's why it is so important that all Australians step up so together we can slow, then stop, this dangerous trade.”

So after being on 13 knots high speed chase with sails on and being tossed sideways on the big waves, the Rainbow Warrior turned around and now we are headed back to Cairns, Australia. Gaurav on reaching the Rainbow Warrior III, just smiled and asked as to what was happening in the outside world. I informed him about the debate raging in Australia and he was happy!


 Image 2: Gaurav after 28 hours on MV Meister. Image: Arpana Udupa.

Arpana is a climate and energy campaigner at Greenpeace India.