yin and yan in the forestOkay, tell me honestly don’t you think this image reminds you of Yin & Yan? It's close isn’t it? Well almost! Okay, somewhat there?  Never mind.  

This morning we ran out of drinking water in our pots and because of previous night's rain, the river water was too muddy to even filter 10 times. So we went back to the ancient wisdom of water filtration.

purifies waterStep 1 – Dig a hole around 3 ft deep and almost 3 ft wide next to the river bed

Step 2 – When the water starts oozing out throw all the muddy water out.

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 at least 2 more times. And you have naturally filtered safe drinking water.

While quenching my thirst with this water I remembered a few ads of bottled water which say that their brand of water is from a natural stream or a fresh waterfall etc. I also thought of how so many of us in the cities drink bottled water, get those big 20 litre cans at home or have a water purifier. Actually how many of us don’t pay a single penny in some way or the other for filtered drinking water? I believe none.

This little stream which does not have a name, flows through the periphery of the buffer zone of Tadoba forest reserve. No one knows for how many years this stream has been quenching thirsts of not only humans but all the wildlife in the forest.

Eshwar,  a 62 year old shepherd from the village tells me the days of this stream are numbered. I heard that this stream has been diverted recently from its natural flow and turned towards a coal mine so that they can mix their dirty water in this stream and get away with their responsibility of purifying the water waste.

sand artTwo students from Rajiv Gandhi Engineering college tried their hand at sand art I chatted away with the father of one of the boys.

People from the village visit often. They have become a regular feature in my days in the forest.

Women from the villageWomen from the nearby village find a little joy in the temporary swing under the tree house. © Brikesh Singh / Greenpeace.


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All image/images have been taken by Brikesh Singh.