Mitanshi N Shah from MumbaiEnergy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. Green Warriors believe strongly in the saying, practice what you preach. Despite the effort by a few individuals who are conscious about their energy consumption, as Green Warriors we are definitely also in favour of energy efficiency.

Mitanshi N Shah, a Green Warrior from Mumbai

Karthikeya Walia from Delhi

While our cities are facing acute power shortage, any amount of wastage is unjust. Talking of energy conservation, the first step has always been volunteering to spread awareness. Greenpeace has been calling for an energy revolution and through the Green Warrior program, we got in touch with 20,000 mobile activists in the first week of April 2013. Our objective was an energy conservation competition which talks about our commitment towards a healthier planet. And three of our warriors were super active all throughout the month talking about energy efficiency while trying to fulfil their pledge.

Heartiest Congratulations to Kartikeya Walia from Delhi, Mitanshi N Shah from Mumbai, and Shiva Chetan from Hassan.

Kartikeya studying in Sachdeva School, Delhi was the first participant who has enrolled for this competition. Mitanshi from Lilavati School, Santacruz, Mumbai was motivated by her parents to become a Green Warrior. And Shiva Chetan studying in JSKPU College in Hasan was shown the path by his brother to actively work towards protecting the planet.

Kartikeya Walia, a Green Warrior from Delhi

Shiva Chetan from Hassan

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate their family members for supporting them in this initiative. One of the first initiatives of Green Warrior was to reach out to as many supporters as we can. In the coming months we shall reach out to even more, so till then keep talking Green. Ask your friends to come be a part of this change. Watch this space for more information and actively participate in more eco initiatives. And for the month of May, you never know you might be the next winner.

Shiva Chetan, a Green Warrior from Hassan

Jagan Vangapelly is Project Officer of the Green Warrior Program.