Navneet JhaI praise cycling and recycling. I think it's very funny to see people stuck in traffic jams in their AC cars on their way back from the gym. My name is Navneet and I have been employed with Greenpeace India for the past eight years. In this world of rising fuel prices and health conscious people I would like to share my cycling story.

Cycling is not just a brilliant idea, it's a way of life. The fuel guzzling biker who overtakes you in style meets you at the next signal. What a pity! Cycling makes you healthy, wealthy (saves money) and wise. I have been cycling for the past two and a half years in Bangalore and have still not had enough of it. As a kid, I fell off my cycle so many times. My parents showed me an old photograph of mine posing with a cycle and the story is the same even now.

I have witnessed so many people cycling in Bangalore. It's fun to cycle in the city and go down the curves with speed! I touched 40km/hr one time. At night I race with the dogs. The secret to chase them away is to stop and look right at them while shooing them away. Right from school children to senior management professionals, individual's cycle not just to save money, but to save the planet. I definitely believe that if we wish to have a clean and green environment, we have to be responsible in our actions. Everyone reading this article please consider cycling as a passion, a statement of style and a reason for a greener tomorrow.

Hope to see you all sharing your initiatives which are helping conserve the Environment.

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Navneet Jha is a Database Officer with Greenpeace India.