We are facing a big, big problem which has not been given enough attention and now this problem is growing and devastating everything in its path. There are some dirty people who are blasting mother Earth and digging deep inside for more and more coal, extending the mines and eating into our beautiful forests. Central Indian forests and the rich bio-diversity here are being destroyed for coal. The forest-dependent communities around these regions are also being displaced for the same reason.

Chandrapur is the third most polluted city in the country. But this city has two sides to it. One is the beautiful and radiant forests and rich wildlife having more than 65 tigers and 20 tiger cubs and the other is an ugly side because of the huge thermal power plants and coal mines here. It is really sad to see what some people have done and are still doing in the name of development. Do we really need this kind of development?

Chandrapur is not the only place that is suffering. There are many forests already devastated and many more would meet the same fate while we are busy with our mundane lives. Do you want that to happen?

Right now I am with Brikesh Singh in the Padmapur forests in Chandrapur. Brikesh has been here for close to a month now drawing attention to the protest against coal mining in the forests of Central India. It's time that we all come together for this cause and save our forests, wildlife and the forest dwellers from the bad guys.

If you also want the forests to remain and want to take a stand against coal mining in the forests of Central India, please logon to www.junglistan.org/act and sign the petition. Share it with your friends as well.


Teju Erappa is a Greenpeace activist.