Water has always been an element I have been in awe of. In the first 18 years of my life, I saw the sea only once.

And fate, having that profound sense of irony that it has. Eventually placed me on a little boat on the Rainbow Warrior , at the age of 21 , from where my life on sea began. And continues.

A large part of our work at sea involves driving small boats into strange and unprecedented circumstances. (the first time I got on board a small boat on sea, it was to paint a coal carrying ship with a Greenpeace message) and this requires a fair bit of training. Sometimes, it turns into a beautiful event when dolphins and beautiful fish grace us with their playful presence.

What follows below is a little montage of what such a day brings.

Greenpeace ship Esperanza

The Esperanza: my home away from home.

Eric calls out to Dolhpins on Esperanza

Eric: the boatswain calling the dolphins.

Esperanza deck

The captain on his way to a little dip in the sea

Esperanza crew

Francois leading the way.

Eric onboard Esperanza

Eric looks on, as a spinner dolphin breaks the waves in a playful mode.

African Queen

Slava and Ann having a go with the African Queen (the orange boat).

School of fish near Esperanza

A school of fish coming to say hello.

African Queen

The African Queen charges ahead, as seen from the Delta Rhino.

African Queen and Esperanza

The Esperaza due Noth-West of the Delta boat.

Esperanza trainer

Grant, the boat trainer, looks on as his trainees go out playing with the dolphins (leaving him behind).


The dolphins giving us a show.

Dolphin show

The dolphins giving us a show, again.

Dolphins on the move

Dolphins on the move.

All images have been taken by Amrit Bakshi.


Amrit Bakshi is a crew member of Greenpeace's ship Esperanza.