The storm hitting the Esperanza

It was the night before The Esperanza came into Antisiranana, a small port in the north of Madagascar. When the sea started to churn. The wind picked up. And things began to fly.

It might be hard to believe but this is one of the most beautiful moments at sea. The rise of the tempest. When the howl of the wind takes all the other sounds away. The splash of the waves, the hum of the engines, the chatter of humans. All drowned into this one all consuming sound. 

A wave hits the bow of the Esperanza

A giant wave splashes against the the ship sending a spray of salt water 20 meters high. The bridge windows turn into Van Gogh's canvasses looking out into the world.

A wave hits the bow of the Esperanza

You cannot capture this moment with words or pictures. It can only be known by being here. Here. Off the coast of Africa. Sailing to save the oceans. One gigantic wave at a time.

All images are taken by Amrit Bakshi.

Amrit Bakshi is a crew member of Greenpeace's ship Esperanza.