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  • 1.	The traditional ritual of bhoomi puja or the worship of the land by a tribe of Andhra PradeshThe traditional ritual of bhoomi puja or the worship of the land by a tribe of Andhra Pradesh. © Rahul Gupta

    I received a mail addressed to all Greenpeace activists about a festival concerning the on-going peoples’ movement at Sompeta, Andhra Pradesh... Read more >

  • Good cop and bad cop

    Blogpost by Amrit Bakshi - March 27, 2013 at 12:08
    The African queen: Laden with Greenpeace activistsThe African queen: Laden with Greenpeace activists.

    After a highly successful boat training near the waters of Sri Lanka. It was time for training Part II to commence. Campaign training. 

    So on the fateful day, campaigners from all over South east a...

    Read more >
  • Happy birthday, Greenfreeze!

    Blogpost by Paula Tejon Carbajal - March 26, 2013 at 12:12
    Greenfreeze refrigerator production lineGreenfreeze production line 12/08/1993. © Ali Paczensky / Greenpeace

    Do you have a fridge at home? Then, unless you live in North America, you probably have a Greenfreeze. And what is that? A fridge that uses a revolutionary technology that Green... Read more >

  • Coming together to stop nuclear weapons

    Blogpost by Jen Maman - March 25, 2013 at 12:55

    a nuclear free future

    Earlier this month, more then 130 governments, UN agencies and the global Red Cross Movement met in Oslo at the invitation of the Norwegian government, to discuss the humanitarian, environmental and developmental consequences of nuclear expl... Read more >

  • No water for drought-hit Maharashtra as thermal power plants prosper

    Blogpost by Swati Mehta - March 22, 2013 at 20:59

    Water canal

    Water was over. The sun was beating down our backs and a red-yellow, dried, mountain trail was around us. Our trek should have ended before sunrise, it was mid-day now. The desperate need for water was terrifying. Luckily we knew we'd get water and ... Read more >

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