I saw this beautiful moth sitting on the neighbouring tree. It's the Indian Silk Worm Moth, its scientific name is Antheraea Paphia.

Indian Silk moth on the neighbouring tree© Brikesh Singh / Greenpeace.

Twelve days already. I’ve had a fish spa, showers in the rain, and inhaled lot of fresh oxygen. In which city would you get all these, free of cost?  

Forests provide us with a million beautiful experiences but we, being greedy, want to enjoy these in the comfort of our living rooms or shopping malls. The day we learn to respect forests for what they are, and take the effort to go to the forest rather than bringing them into our living room, the world will be a better place.

fish spa seatAnd by the way, this is my very own fish spa seat in Junglistan. It's natural and free. On a cloudy day it comes in handy to just sit and read a book while the fish are having a feast.  © Brikesh Singh / Greenpeace.

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All images have been taken by Brikesh Singh. © Brikesh Singh / Greenpeace.